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RAISE was born three years ago to serve one ambition: create an efficient, caring, generous tool to be put at the service of France and of its entrepreneurs, whatever their size, who innovate, create jobs and feed our country’s growth.

RAISE gathers successful French business, invests in mid-cap companies to support them and help them grow, and works hand in hand with young companies to build and maintain their growth.

RAISE has designed an array of means to significantly support these « growth companies » when they are looking to upscale, whether they are:

SMEs and mid-cap companies with strong growth strategies, in which case our investment company provides them with minority capital on the long run.

Young Growth Companies (after their launch phase and during the «tunnel of death» of years 2 to 5), to which our endowment fund provides funding, support and visibility tools free of charge.

Galvanise growth, support new business and job creation, better the entrepreneurial ecosystem and bring worlds together: RAISE ambition is to inspire, foster and breath life into a new growth model founded on generosity

Clara Gaymard et Gonzague de Blignières, cofondateurs de RAISE

The heart of the projects is a win-win equation between our investment company and our foundation

The team gives 50% of their profit-sharing to  finance the foundation. At RAISE, the big ones help the mid-caps to grow and the success of the mid-caps allows for the smaller ones to accelerate their growth. Today, RAISE is a virtuous entrepreneurial ecosystem, built on a bold premise and the idea that performance ought to be shared.

RAISE Investment

A capital investment company

  • Targeting growing midmarket companies
  • Making minority investments


The investment team forgoes 50% of its profit-sharing on capital gains…
RAISE Fonds de dotation

A non-profit Endowment Fund

  • Creating an ecosystem for entrepreneurs
  • Providing financing, targeted support and visibility


…to finance the Endowment Fund

A system driven by major French successes

  • icon-grand-groupes

    Asset owners

  • icon-grandes-familles-francaises

    Entrepreneurs and major French families

  • icon-entrepreneurs

    Large groups

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